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About Us

We Sale All Brands name, Highest Quality, Lowest Prices, (See my feedback we have a lots of satisfied customers)!


CompuTec Service Center, Corp. is a small business enterprise and an established 1995, leader among Southern California computer resellers. We are committed to providing quality computer products and services to our customers. We provide service to Hewlett-Packard, Sony, Hitachi, Toshiba, Epson, Compaq, NEC, IBM, Panasonic, Lexmark, Okidata, Konica Minolta, Fujitsu, Brother, Canon, Mitsubishi, Sharp, Viewsonic, and Microsoft, among others. CompuTec Service Center has a large inventory of CPUs, monitors, Notebook computers peripherals and software to meet your company's needs. Our purchasing and sales departments are alert to current market trends and prices and our large inventory allows us to secure the best prices from our suppliers. And, because we are independently owned, we do not pay royalties or product fees to any franchise or organization. The result is a lower acquisition cost which we pass on as savings to our customers. also known as CompuTec Service Center, Corp, is a full sale and service computer company located in Los Angeles CA, (mid Wilshire) that provides technology solutions to companies in the Los Angeles and surrounding areas. At CompuTec Service Center, Corp, we make it our mission to provide market leading pricing, great customer service, and most of all customer satisfaction is our main concern. This is a computer business enterprise established 1996, leader among Southern California computer resellers. The company is committed to providing the greatest selection of computer hardware & software at the lowest possible price. We are professional in the following:

Computer Notebooks                    Desktops                             Printers                   Digital Cameras
Software                                       Monitors                              Memory                  Toners (All Brands)
Laptop Battery                              Adaptors                             Accessories

With over 17 years of experience, our website online store is dedicated to bring the people wonderful computer and supplies at wholesale prices. We have supplied a lot of eBay users who buy from our products for years. Now the savings are being directly offered to the people. We are dedicated to give people the absolute best product for their hard earned dollars. We will beat any advertized guaranteed! Saw a computer you love elsewhere? No problem we will build it at a fraction of the price. At The Company we offer an unheard trade in policy. We allow our customers to trade in their unwanted laptops or computers for cash or trade-in credit for any of our products. We will do anything in our power to make sure that when people think computer, they think our company...

Shop  for deals on Accessories, Barebones Kits, Cases, Components, Desktop PCs, Digital Cameras, Electronics, Flash Memory, Hard Drives, Keyboard / Mice / Input, Laptops / Notebooks, Media CD/DVD, Memory, Monitors, LCDs, MP3 Audio, Plasma, LCD DLP TV, Power Supplies, Printers, and Speakers. Since 1996, we’ve been a trusted resource for thousands of computer products and accessories. Also, is a fantastic place for all kinds of Computer Products & Services and much much more.





. We sell New or Used Computers

. We upgrade your system

. We Buy Used Computers

. We Sell Accessories

. Software, Win XP Pro, Vista, and Win7

. Install & Design any Forms, etc.

. Virus Detection/Cleaning & Spy ware Removal

. Setup Pop Stopper or Pop Killer




BACKUP & System Recovery

. Setting up Windows NT/2000/2003/XP/Vista/Win7

. Networks, Troubleshooting, Connectivity, etc.

.  Windows Server Products

. DSL Sharing & Setup

. System Backup & Restoration/Register Cleaning, etc.
. Disaster Recovery & Data Recovery
. Setup and Install Removable Hard Drive
. Trios,  Selectable Hard Drives
. Have 3 or  more Hard Drives in one Computer
. Install & Setup Backup System (Manual, Automatic)


Genuine & OEM
DeskJet, LaserJet, Copier & Fax


We sell Printer, Copy & Labeling machines


    . HP                       . Lexmark             . NEC           
    . Epson                   . Xerox                . Minolta
    . Panasonic             . Brother               . Mita...          


  . Xerox       . Ricoh      . HP              . NEC     . Sharp     
  . Minolta      . Epson     . Panasonic    . Brother...  


       (Used & New)


All models


            . Compaq             . We repair laptops
          . Toshiba              . We sell accessories  
          . Sony                  . We sell used laptops

     Sell New Battery & Adapters for all Laptops


Media Conversion

3 2" & 5 1/4" &  9 Track  & 8 mm & 4 mm & 3480 & 3490 & 1/4"

Rent (Desktop computer, Laptop, & Printer)



Computer Services
We provide full service on any existing computer, troubleshoot any system problems as well as service most brand name office servers/workstations and printers and most small office/home office units, etc.
We provides full service on any existing PC computer. We also build custom computers designed to fit your needs.

Computer Repairs - Upgrades
We troubleshoot and evaluate most crashed systems and crashed hard drives and offer "same day" and "after-hours" emergency service.
For your conveyance, we will come to your location to minimize your down time. We service and repair most brands, makes and models of computers, notebooks, and laptops as well as most software.

Services and Support

  • Perform diagnostics on PCs and peripheral equipment to troubleshoot problems.
  • Install/upgrade PC components such as motherboards, memory chips, network cards, disk drives, modems, and DVD drives.
  • Configure PC memory and network drives.
  • Configuration, assembly, and testing computer systems.
  • Provide customized hardware and software solutions to fit customer's requirements on a network.
  • Installing, troubleshooting and modifying DSL, ADSL, CABLE MODEM, HUB and ROUTERS on a network or on a stand alone computer.
  • Installing and modifying point to point wireless network.
  • Maintaining a high level of security on the network with Firewall hardware or software.
  • Maintain and repair all operation systems such as : Windows 9X, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Win NT, and Vista.

We Support Microsoft windows 2000 Servers, Windows NT Servers, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Office 2000, Office XP, QuickBooks, Quicken, Omnis, Norton Anti virus and etc.

Software Installation
CompuTec Service Center
has the technical expertise required to install and configure a wide range of software systems. We successfully install and configure specialized and consumer sold software within large organizations and small businesses.

Network Security
Protect Your Network and Computer, Stop Virus Infections with Centrally Managed Virus Protection from CompuTec Service Center.
Prevent Cyber Vandalism and Theft from Hackers and Thieves.
Protect your business with Network Security Systems.

At least 5 new computer viruses are created each day. Installing typical desktop virus protection isn't enough, because 95% of all virus infections occur on computers with desktop virus software.

Why? Typical desktop virus protection depends upon users who:
-Forget to update their virus protection software.
-Infrequently update their virus protection software. Most virus protection software recommends updating virus software once every 30 days.
Yet at least 5 new viruses are created each day.
-Turn off or delete their virus protection software.
-Centrally Managed Desktop Virus Protection.

Protect Your Network! Conducting business on the Internet is necessary for a successful business future.
However business on the Internet is a lot like business on the street. You need products, sales people, and theft protection.

Why? American businesses lose $10 billion each year to cyber theft.
You protect your physical office from thieves and vandals, and then you must protect your electronic office.
Just as traditional thieves spend their days looking for unprotected offices,
cyber thieves look for unprotected computers and networks.
Don't let cyber thieves and vandals prevent your business from succeeding when it is so easy to prevent.

Disaster Recovery Planning
CompuTec Service Center is committed to helping you develop a bulletproof disaster recovery plan. We can help fulfill that need through a variety of means. Our level of service is dependent upon your needs. Below is a listing of the various levels of service we can provide to help you achieve the end goal — a detailed and well thought out disaster recovery plan. The stakes are too high to ignore it — your business' success depends on proper preparation and planning for “what happens to the other guy”.
Someday — the other guy may become you.

Our options give you the ability to do as much or as little of the work as you desire. CompuTec Service Center can function at the level you desire and provide the service to help you put a plan in place. Of course, if you want another option for receiving CompuTec Service Center support on this project, we can develop a custom option for your business.

Whatever your decision — get after it and do some work.

It could be the difference between survival and failure if a disaster strikes

    Fastest reliable service for more than 14 years of experience!


·        Operating system upgrade.

·        Un-bootable Label-Disk (C:).

·        Software & hardware installation.

·        Virus, Sp-ware & Trojan removal…

·        Hard-drive clean-up.

·        Hard-drive, RAM, Video & Sound upgrade.

·        Setup & schedule system & Data back-up.

·        Network setup & implementation.

·        DSL modem, routers, switches.

·        Security updates & firewall configuration.

·        PC-Win 98, Win Me, Win 200 Pro, Win XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 10.


As well as installation and computers and peripherals (scanners, printers, copiers etc…).


Reason you'll love shopping at CompuTec Service Center, Corp.:

  1. "Best in Class" products
    We carefully select only suppliers, brands and products that we think are the best in their businesses, using a wide variety of criteria. Quality of construction, design and features, price/value, company reputation and service, warranties and other factors all enter into our evaluation. 
  2. Friendly, personal service
    we think the level of "service" that most people are forced to put up with from too many companies these days is, well, sad. We're out to change that, one customer at a time. Call us, e-mail us, and write to us. You will always find accessible, friendly people here, and never a hint of a hassle or runaround. We are fast, we are responsive, and we are serious about making you really happy you picked CompuTec Service Center, Corp.
  3. Fast delivery
    we work hard to have everything in-stock and ready to ship, every day. If we don't have an item in our main warehouse, we'll ship it from another. Whatever it takes to get your order to you as quickly as possible. Most orders ship within same business days. In the unusual instance that a product is out of stock or delayed, we will immediately notify and give you the option of placing your order on back order or canceling your order.

Great value
Every product we sell represents good value for your money, and throughout our site you'll find current, top-selling products at significant savings off regular retail prices. Please contact us for special buys and periodic promotions.