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What is OEM means and why software is so cheap?

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) which means that you will receive the installation CDs only (they do not come in their original retail packing and do not include the manual)



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a) How can you sell this software as OEM? It seems too good to be true - is there a catch?
There is no catch - the software versions that we sell are OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) which means you will receive the installation CDs only (they do not come in their original retail packing and do not include the manual). We do guarantee that all programs are the 100% full working retail versions - no demos or academic versions! When you order, you will receive all materials required for a complete installation - Why pay hundreds of dollars more when you can get exactly the same but OEM-CD? You don't have to pay that much for the fancy box and manuals.

b) How long will shipping take?
Please see our Shipping Policy.

c) What OEM stands for? What is the difference between OEM and full retail packaging?
OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer. Retail version comes in a fancy box, OEM does not. Retail version contains a printed manual. Customers who purchase the retail version are eligible for tech support and different rebates. But you can always come back to us and ask for any upgrades or new software. If we don't have it online, it doesn't mean we don't have it. We always assist our customers.

d) Can I get a discount? Can I resell your software?

e) What do I get when I order something from you?
You get the CD(s) with the software in jewel case and labels. You also get the activation key, serial number or CD key necessary to activate the software. This includes providing different updates and service packs. However some updates will still be available from manufacturers, in fact most of them.

f) Where does this software come from?
The software is shipped from

g) What currency are your prices in?
All prices listed are in US dollars.

h) What about product returns?
No return, once you open the package.

i) Which operating systems does your software support?
Unless stated all our products are for the Windows 98x, NT, 2000, XP platform.

j) Why is your software so inexpensive compared to the other retailers?

We minimize our overhead by stocking mostly top selling software only and try to get the best deals for them. We also sell what are called OEM versions, the same software as the box version without the box and the manual. By foregoing the fancy box and typically slim manuals you end up saving a considerable amount.

k) What language will the software be in?
All the products mentioned at the site are sold only in ENGLISH language.

l) What credit cards do you accept? Are there any different payment methods?
See our payment methods.

m) I would like to buy specific software from you, but I can’t find it in your list. Is it possible to perform a personal delivery and what will the price being?
Yes, our Sales Managers are always ready to help you to find just what you are looking for. But we can perform personal orders at a special price only to our current customers i.e. to those who have already bought something from us.

n) Your Windows XP Pro and Office 2003 Pro, do they come in a retail box or an OEM package? And do the prices include all delivery fees or there will be some additional (for example, if delivered to the USA).
We sell OEM Software and Retail box. NO additional fees except those you can see at your Shopping Cart will be charged from you. There are NO hidden fees or any recurring fees.

o) I have already received my order from you and I would like to make another one. Do you provide some kind of a discount while reordering for your regular customers?
Yes, we are always meeting our customers halfway and after you have placed your order, our managers will contact you and you will be able to discuses the price of your next orders.

p) If I buy XP Professional from you, will I be able to log into the Microsoft website and obtain the updates with the Key code provided with your software?
Of course you will be able to get all the updates and security packs at Windows Update Center. We do guarantee that all programs are the100% full working retail versions - no demos or academic versions! When you order, you will receive all materials required for a complete installation!

q) Do you have the last version of Adobe PhotoShop?
Yes we have Adobe Photoshop CS (also known as 8.0) which is the latest version at this moment.

r) Can you supply software for Macintosh? Does your software work for Macintosh?
NO, all our software works only at the Windows 98, NT, 2000, XP platform.

s) Do you ship all your products WORLDWIDE with no exception?
No, we deliver our software to all

t) is there a key code with the products you sell?
YES, you will receive it with discs and if necessary you can update your software online on the sites of manufacturers without any problems.

Do you have any other specific questions? Please feel free to contact us anytime. Hours of operation and availability of customer service: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



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